Guaxs are known for their high quality designs and impressive craftmanship. Their designs are inspired by the shapes and textures that occur in nature, which gives their designs a both sculptural and organic expression.

 At I Rosens Navn, we stock a selection of Guaxs' sculptural glass vases, bowls, tea light glasses and lamps.


Design and Craftsmanship


Guaxs' glass products are made by hand in small, exclusive glass factories that specialise in producing special pieces for artists and designers. Guaxs' unique glass designs are known for their sculptural expression and beautiful texture. All of Guaxs' products are handmade from authentic and sustainable materials.




At I Rosens Navn, we stock a selection of Guaxs' glass vases in several different sizes and designs. This season's colours are smoke grey, white and dark purple.


Glass Lamps


At the shop, we stock a selection of Guaxs' glass lamps in cubistic designs in the colour smoke grey.


Tea Light Glasses and Bowls


We offer a selection of Guaxs' tea light glasses and bowls in the colours smoke grey and white.

The bowls and glasses are in a Guaxs' characteristic sculptural and cubistic design.

 For more information about the products, visit the shop or contact us by phone or e-mail.

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